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About Us

The life-enriching services we provide help the elderly throughout the community to preserve an independent and dignified lifestyle while in the comfort of their own homes.

Inner-Body-1The homes we live in have a rich and meaningful history steeped in the joy and sadness of every breath and every heartbeat we take.  There is a familiarity and lived in feeling that can never be replaced by an “old folk’s home” or some static health care institution.

It is inevitable that some day we will all reach a point in our lives where making dinner, going to the store or even getting dressed will become difficult.  But do we have to abandon our homes just because we can’t perform some basic life skills?

Thankfully, many of us are not at that point, but we all know someone who is!  It could be a grandparent, a mother or father, a friend or even a neighbour that we care about.  Dove Health Care alleviates the concern we all have for our loved ones.

Dove Health Care was designed to assist the elderly with what used to be their everyday chores.  We assist the elderly so that they do not have to abandon the familiarity of their home or the camaraderie of their neighbours, friends and family.